20% CBD Hemp Oil


Mister Maka 20% CBD Hemp oil is the strongest CBD oil available, made with the finest, all natural hemp oil as opposed to olive oil. This full spectrum CBD oil is one of the strongest concentrations available and delivers powerful results even when taken in small doses.

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Using filtered extracts, this CBD oil is rich and golden, the result of an expert supercritical CO2 process. It is free from all GMOS, chemicals and additives. An authentic experience of hemp and CBD combined, the 20% CBD Hemp oil is great for those who are frequent CBD oil customers and are looking to increase the concentration of their dosage for added benefits. This supplement gives an added health kick to anyone looking to experience the lifestyle improvements CBD oil has to offer. Combined with all the health benefits of hemp, this hemp seed CBD oil provides plant-free proteins, omegas 3 and 6 alongside antioxidants and amino acids. These health benefits can be very effective, even in small doses.

Shake before use, then use the dropper to administer the recommended dose under the tongue. Hold in the mouth for up to sixty seconds and then swallow.

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