Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose 20 seeds


Argyreia nervosa or Hawaiian Baby Woodrose is a climbing plant with beautiful, bell-like flowers. It’s sometimes called wooly morning glory, and is, indeed, related to the more common morning glory plant. Although as the name suggest this plant is a native to Hawaii, it is also found in Africa and across the Caribbean.

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The seeds of Hawaiian baby woodrose have a psychoactive effect, known by shamans for generations. Today, we understand that the mind-altering effect is caused by LSA, an ergot alkaloid which is in the same class as LSD.


The effects of LSA are said to be more focused in the body rather than hallucinogenic. Users can expect a relaxed, dreamlike state. The “trip” lasts for up to 8 hours but it is possible for feelings of tranquillity to continue for many hours after the mind has cleared. Side effects include nausea and stomach upset, but this can be affected by the last food eaten prior to ingesting Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds. Fasting beforehand is recommended.


Do not take Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds if:
Do not take Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds if pregnant. LSA is similar to LSD in that it can inadvertently cause contractions of the uterus. This means there is a very real risk of miscarriage if taking these seeds when pregnant. Also avoid if breastfeeding or on any long term medication, especially anti-depressants and other treatments for mental illness. Similarly, avoid all psychedelic substances if you have or are aware of being at risk of mental health problems. Speak to an expert if unsure. Do not mix with other substances or alcohol, or substances known to be MAO inhibitors.


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