High Chief

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For the experienced truffle users we have the High Chief truffles. These are very strong and give you strong visuals. Our test panel highly recommended the High Chief and gave this type 5 stars in terms of strength.

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High Chief are recommended for those who are well acquainted with the Philosopher’s stone, and have rated very highly amongst those who have tested them. Psilocybe High Chief contain the active ingredient psilocybin, which has an effect on the brain receptors to induce hallucinations and the feeling of being intensely relaxed. High Chief differ slightly in appearance to some Philosopher’s Stone, and have a unique odour which is fragrant and powerfully attractive. These most potent magic truffles will offer you an enhanced trip and intense visuals.

The effects of these truffles can be prolonged, lasting up to six hours, and they are ideal for an experience to share with friends. Our High Chief truffles have been carefully bred and packaged in such a way that their natural goodness remains intact. You only need a small quantity – for example, one dosage of 15 grams is usually sufficient for two portions – in order to reach an enchanting high. Consequently, these products are suited to parties, and will ensure your guests enjoy an incredible amount of relaxation. For an out of this world experience, buy High Chief magic truffles.

Note: a glass of water should be kept near to hand when ingesting this product, as its after effects, once your trip has finished, can include excessive thirst.


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