Super Green Maeng Da

Super Green Maeng Da 25 gram


Kratom Super Green Maeng Da is a tree indigenous to South East Asia. It is evergreen, loves tropical climates and boosts the world around it with its root systems which help prevent riverbank erosion. The leaves of the kratom tree have been used by locals as a mild sedative or stimulant for centuries. Farmers chew the leaves to keep their spirits up and their energy levels high while at work. Today, the incredible effects of kratom are available wherever you are.

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Super Green Maeng Da is a relatively new strain of kratom to most Western customers. The most exciting thing about kratom is that it combines both stimulating and sedating effects. Usually, the stimulating effects come at lower doses, while users take a higher dose to achieve the sedative effect. Super Green Maeng Da is slightly different in that it focuses on the “high” feeling, which can mean more focus, a greater sense of sociability or positive social awareness, and greater motivation to be active. This combines with a feeling of calmness and relaxation, to give users the best of both sides of the amazing kratom plant.


Only the largest leaves of the kratom plant are used for Super Green Maeng Da. This has the double effect of protecting the trees and allowing them to grow their younger leaves, but also, the larger leaves are packed with active alkaloids making them far more effective. The effects of Super Green Maeng Da are desirable because they promote a high level of effectiveness and motivation without any feelings of anxiety or jitters, as can sometimes happen with other types of stimulants.


Kratom cannot be used with MAOI or SSRI antidepressants (or other drugs marked this way).


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