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Super Green Malay 25 gram


Mitragyna speciosa, or Super Green Malay kratom, is a tree that has been used as a social tool and a traditional medicine for many years. Farmers chew the leaves while they are working to keep their energy levels up, while longer-term use has been known to help deal with the effects of opioid withdrawal, plus it provides pain relief and helps with emotional discomfort. The kratom leaves usually have veins of noticeably green, white or red colour.

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Super Green Malay comes, as you may have surmised, from the forests of Malaysia. The ecosystem within Malaysia is very finely balanced and includes rich soil which contributes to the effectiveness of the kratom grown in these areas. It’s thought that the unusual growing conditions may actually increase the cell wall density within the kratom leaves. This may contribute towards a longer-lasting experience for the user of Super Green Malay.


The effects of Super Green Malay are reported to be similar to other kratom strains, but more enhanced. Most strains of kratom include an energizing effect at low doses and a sedative effect at higher doses. The high concentration of alkaloids within Super Green Malay means that it provides a higher level of energy-boosting, plus a more calming, pleasantly numbing sedative effect.


Always check your long term medication and ensure you are not taking any MAOI or SSRI drugs before consuming kratom.


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