Super White Maeng Da

Super White Maeng Da 25 gram


Super White Maeng Da Kratom, a beautiful tropical evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia and revered for its properties which boost health and wellbeing. The leaves of the tree contain alkaloids which, at low doses, boost human energy levels. At high doses, they become sedative and have a calming effect. They can even help with pain relief.

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Maeng Da is a Thai term that refers to how the kratom has been produced and indicates a strong “grade” or strain of plant or supplement. Super White Maeng Da will usually have used the white-veined leaves from the kratom tree. The largest leaves are harvested, as part of sustainable farming practices as this allows the smaller, younger leaves to grow and keeps the tree healthy. These larger leaves have a higher concentration of active ingredients, making them much more effective as a wellbeing supplement when dried and ground.


The effects of Super White Maeng Da include higher energy levels, more motivation, and an overall feeling of positivity. This can present itself as the happiness of sociability. As doses increase, this may even become a sense of euphoria, with more sedative effects occurring.


Don’t combine kratom with MAOI or SSRI drugs.


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