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The Ushuaia truffle is the lightest version of our Mister Maka range. This strain is perfect for people who want to use truffles for the first time. Usually these people are a bit afraid of the effect it can have. We always recommend to keep our Mister Maka Trip Stoppers for when people want to reduce the trip.

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Buy Ushuaia Magic Truffles if you are looking for a slightly lighter, less intense product. Ushuaia Magic Truffles are perfect for those venturing into the experiential world of philosopher’s stone for the first time, and especially if you are little nervous of the hallucinatory effect the truffles can produce. Ingesting Psilocybe Ushuaia is a non stressful experience and they are pleasant to taste. This strain will take as long as an hour to be properly absorbed by your body, and their effects will then last between three and four hours.

Ushuaia are particularly recommended if you are seeking a trip to increase your creative powers, as they increase a person’s sense of awe and reduce the complication of their state of mind. Primarily, the trip induced by these truffles is happy and energetic, and because they are mild, there is nothing to fear for beginners looking to explore the world of psychedelic products. After effects from these truffles may include chills and shivering, but this is usual and nothing to be alarmed about.

Please ensure you rest well and hydrate plenty once the effects have worn off; tiredness and thirst are perfectly normal and most people who enjoy these truffles are subject to both.


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