White Tunder

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Our White Tunder truffle is between the strongest and the lightest variety. The White Tunder is suitable for both the novice and the experienced user. Our test panel gives this species 4 stars on a scale of 1 to 5.

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White Thunder magic truffles are ideally suited to veteran psychonauts. These Psylocibe White Thunder are grown with the utmost care, and have been produced for you to enjoy extra special evening relaxation or meditation alongside your friends. Because this truffle is renowned for intensifying your hearing and for sharpening both your senses and sensitivity. The journey will be a unique philosophical one, and yet White Thunder should be used with the utmost care. Our Psilocybe were originally found in Georgia, and are characterised by potent visuals and digressions. The cerebral high that they initiate is a relaxing one, and is accompanied by a highly soothing body buzz, yet potential adverse effects include extreme drowsiness.


White Thunder is easy to ingest, and best taken with a friend beside you. It can take between half an hour and an hour to be absorbed into your body, and will then last between three and four hours. Always ensure that during the process of enjoying White Thunder, you eat and drink adequately. White Thunder truffles have been known to produce adverse stomach and headache after effects, yet both are easily manageable so long as you prepare.

Buy White Thunder Magic Truffles and experience a unique product that is renowned for reducing stress, pain, and often insomnia.

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