Wild Dagga Flower

Wild Dagga Flower 5g


Wild Dagga is also known as Wild Cannabis, probably because traditionally the leaves and flowers were smoked by the Khoikhoi people of South Africa to achieve a sense of euphoria. The Latin name is Leonotis leonurus, and the active ingredient is an alkaloid called leonurine.

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Wild Dagga flower has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for snakebites, but also as a charm to keep snakes away in the first place. The primary effects that users take it for today are a combination of a mild euphoric sensation and an overall sense of relaxation and calm. Many users recommend it as an alternative to tobacco when combining with similar substances, and see it as a way to avoid the potentially harmful effect of nicotine. For those who don’t like to smoke, Wild Dagga flower can also be taken as a tea.


Side effects of Wild Dagga flower tend to be very mild and may include thirst (normal when smoking), fatigue and a mild headache. It is possible that the regular use of Wild Dagga could become habit-forming.


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